Focus on Havana

Ninety hours in Havana. Outfitted with my new E-M5 Mark II coupled with a pro-grade 12-40mm f2.8 lens, I tagged behind my partner Dee and nephew Kris, who would rather tackle the streets of the Cuban capital than unwind at a resort in Varadero.

Words alone could never describe the atmosphere of the city and the dynamics of the locals. Therefore I’ll let the images from the Olympus with its nifty bells and whistles do most of the talking.

Landmarks and Landscapes

thumb PB130237 1024

thumb PB130222 1024

thumb PB130247 1024

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thumb PB140315 1024

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Street-scenes and Social life

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Being a tourist in Havana can be a little intimidating. Holding a map, carrying a camera or just looking lost on the sidewalk could make you easy target. Most Cubans are friendly, however, a casual conversation with a student could turn awkward if they end up asking if you could spare him a USB stick for completing his thesis. I felt for Alberto, our new acquaintance, however there was little chance of us carrying around a memory stick. End of conversation. Next time we'll bring mini storage devices.

thumb PB140292 1024

Walls and Windows

thumb PB140253 1024

thumb PB110046 1024

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thumb PB140384 1024


thumb PB110036 1024

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Havana is nirvana for the vintage automobile enthusiast. Call ‘em classic cars, collectible vehicles or just beat-up matter on wheels, we had the pleasure of riding in Dennis’s proud ’57 Buick. And oh yes, we thrilled cruising in a CocoTaxi.

thumb PB140268 1024

Shapes and Silhouoettes

thumb PB130212 1024

thumb PB130219 1024

thumb PB130229 1024

Sunsets and Night Shots

One of the splendid features of my Olympus is the 5-Axis Image Stabilization system that would allow me to take night shots sans tripod with minimum blur caused by camera shake. The results were pleasing. Evening sunsets and dimly lit outlines appeared sharp.

thumb PB110068 1024

thumb PB130248 1024

thumb PB130251 1024

thumb PB140385 1024

So there it was. Mission accomplished and photo-ops captured. I was grateful for my travel-companions’ choice of destination, and fully satisfied with my selection of equipment.

As a footnote at the time of this posting; two weeks after our Havana visit, the former Cuban leader of over 50 years, died at the age of 90. the U.S. President-elect described Fidel Castro as "a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades”. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called Castro a “legendary revolutionary and orator”.

Whatever the reader’s political stance and perception, Havana, Cuba, must be experienced personally. Let the visitor judge for one’s self then forever hold his/her peace.

December 2016

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