Fox on the Beach

It is now our fourth summer living at the Beach, a neighbourhood twenty minutes east of the city core. The Beach, or more popularly known to the traditionalists as 'The Beaches' is well known for it's 'mom and pop' shops along the main street as well as the boardwalk along the lakeshore. Dog-walkers, joggers, aspiring volleyball athletes and more recently, paddle board surfers all partake in the Ontario lake-side scenery.

As residents of this vibrant community, my better-half and I do our best to try out the diners and restaurants, participate in the music and art festivals, as well as buy goods and services locally.

One item on our 'to-do' list which had until recently eluded us was to go watch at the Fox. Approximately four blocks from our home, the Fox Theatre is supposedly the oldest continually running movie house in Toronto. In this era of cineplex, multiplex, megaplex film theatres, I had no knowledge of what to expect from a cinema housed inside an old building flanked by rows of two-storey commercial and apartment units built in the early 1900s.


We took in a late show. How appropriate that the movie showing at 9:30 pm was "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". A drama-comedy starring Judi Dench about a run-down hotel in Jaipur, India, kept barely alive by its passionate and determined owner, played by Dev Patel.

Admission is $10. Not bad for a non-Tuesday discount showing. Upon entering the building, we encounter the lobby. Part museum, part 1930's concession stands, all entertainment venue. A film projector, in what I assume would be antique, standing at least 6 feet high at the end of the hallway, was showcased as a monument from the glory days.


To the right of the projector, and to my delight, were rows of plush red semi-reclining cinema seats. Clean. Luxurious. 21st-Century. And did I mention partly reclining? Which got me thinking; 'how could they have been continually running since 1914 when they had to install these rouge beauties??' No matter. Don't care. Turn out the lights. Start the show. And let me enjoy the evening.

August 2012

ps. The film was a blast. And I hope the new life injected into the hotel depicted in 'Exotic Marigold' hold parallels for our beloved Fox Theatre at the Beach.


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