Gone Fishing

Let's see.. how does that saying go..? "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day... Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." Sure, that could be true.. but at the rate I was going, I would have died of starvation, laying on a rock beside a river at Buckhorn Ontario. 

Let me tell you about the one that got away... It would have been at least the size of this ipad I type on.. and no, this is not the mini version with retina-display. No bull.. I had it pulled above water level, but my line snapped due to the weight of the beast. I cursed at the thought of my spouse warning me not to buy any set of rod and reel above $25.. so therefore I bought the packaged deal that turned out to be for kiddiess.. the rod could extend only a foot or two with a line so fine that I could have used it for dental-floss. 

Oh how frustrating it felt to see my pals contiuously reeling 'em in. Sunfish, I think they were called. Smallish, but scary looking buggers.. red eyed with thorny dorsal fins. 

The leader of our group was Nira, seasoned fisher-woman and girlfriend to our ol' buddy Dino. It was her that prepared the hooks and sinker.. and patiently untangled our lines everytime we made a mess when casting our bait. Nira also eventually lent me her rod.. the rod that finally rewarded my patience in catching a fish.. even though it was a little (read: very much) undersized so we had to release it back into the water. Bless you Nira... May your hunting grounds be always plentiful. 

Let me tell you about the process of putting bait on those hooks; Did you know that worms continue to squirm after you've sliced them into halves and then quarters?! It wasn't my imagination that they actually wriggled more fervently after being diced.. possibly due to extreme pain. Liquidy yellow innards start to ooze out from their slimy dismantled bodies, like raw sausages squeezed at one end. This is all necessary to get the desired-size bait on to the hooks so that fish get proper diet and consequently get conned into biting. Just like feeding broccoli to a toddler. Hmmmm...

So there we were.. the day didn't start so well but it did improve. This was not my first initiation to fishing and it certainly wouldn't be my last. I'm hooked.. no pun intended. It must have been the camaraderie.., or the thrill of the catch.., possibly the sensation of being one with nature.., but most certainly, coming to the realization that patience is a virtue. 


 September 2014

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