The Forbidden Fruit

Eve couldn't resist taking the bite. Pierced with an arrow perched atop a poor kid's head. It's seeds spread across the New World by Johnny. A method of averting the good doctor. And as a point of comparison with another of similar form. The apple is arguably the most popular fruit in world literature, folklore, proverb and pie.

Gala and Red Delicious are my choice varieties of the legendary fruit. However, the Apples that have rocked my world hail from the town of Cupertino, California. Not of the edible array, but of the legendary stuff of technology and entertainment.

When the late Steve Jobs regained control of Apple Inc - a company that he founded with Steve Wozniak - he would win over the hearts of personal-computer buffs with cool design and innovative technology, starting with the 1998 release of the iMac. The iMac was a desktop computer with integrated monitor and CPU packaged in a colourful casing. An instant sales hit, Apple Inc would go on a roll, inventing and producing the slickest and most sought after gadgets and peripherals. Need I mention, the iconic white ear-phones?

It has been 10 years since my first song download on an early version iTunes. What a revolution that was! I could acquire the songs that I desired and do away with purchasing full-album music CDs that contained unwanted songs, a.k.a. fillers. Sucks to the music industry…. but hey, at least my short playlist of Beyonce is not pirated.

Of course, after online music came the iPods - I now own three incarnations of them. Oh the joy for music-lovers, to be able to carry a whole collection of rock stars, symphony orchestras and everything in between, in my pocket!

From that point on there was no looking back. I switched my Motorola to the cellphone that could not only make calls, but could also carry over 5,000 music files, take snapshots, and download software for games, productivity and social networking. Apple aptly calls them apps.

Not all of my Apple gadgets are in support of my leisurely and unproductive way of life. I'm proud to say that I've done some creative things on my Macbook Pro. My laptop holds files that are the fruits of labour to my video editing, photo finishing and blog writing.

And now may I flaunt my latest creation…

Forbidden Fruit

…sketched and painted with the Paper 53 app on my Apple iPad.

March 2013

© Prakoso Sastrowardoyo 2012