Bringing Bagong Back

He was registered as Bobby, just to make it simple for the council pet regulators in Salisbury, South Australia. His real name was Bagong, the moniker of a clown character in Javanese folklore.


This image was from when I was about five. My father had taken his Yashica TLR out for some shots. There's not much I remember from that particular day. What I do recall though is the sensation of running my fingers through Bagong's wiry hair, the nudge of his cold nose, and warmth of his panting breath. And then I have this photograph to remember the moment by.

My eyes instantly clouded when I came across this picture. My wife had organized and kept many photos of my past, but this one is my favourite. I get emotional when I reminisce. And seeing this image makes me sad. Not only do I miss my furry-friend, the picture represents something I long for but could never have back; my childhood. 

I was also upset at seeing the condition of the snapshot. Forty years have passed and it's evident my photo had seen better days. The deep permanent creases, the faded colours, and the mold stains were too much to bear. Hence my resolve to restore the image and preserve the memory for another forty years.

With the negative transparency lost, the restoration process was possible with the help of a scanner, a lap-top, some imaging software and the original print.

See the transformation.


Retain some of the colour...

SCN_0010 copy

Take out the crease lines around subjects through the process of cloning...

SCN_0010 copy copy

Ensure that people don't think my canine-companion mauled at my face...

SCN_0010 copy copy

Improve colour by adjusting Red-Blue-Green parameters...

SCN_0010 copy copy

In honour of My Best Friend.

© Prakoso Sastrowardoyo 2012