Windows to the World

Of the brief travels in my life, there are few things that continuously pique my interest. Windows. Or more accurately, what goes on behind them, and the history within that we can only imagine as passersby. Consider me perverted for having such curiosity, however, consider these glass openings as eyes and witnesses to the different lifestyles and mannerisms of its inhabitants.

It would be ambitious to compare a simple wood-frame opening in a village dwelling in Java to that of a bullet-proof pane of a palace in London. But if we peered through the frames and saw the motions and emotions of its residents, these two portals may not be so worlds apart.

It is therefore that I capture many images of windows throughout my trips. Some are presented here in my slideshow. Not only did I take the photos looking in, some shots were more captivating (and more accessible) looking out. Few of the pictures were challenging to take (sit, cat, sit). And the one opportunity I missed due to lack of valour... think live displays in Amersterdam's red-light district. But that's for another story.

AmsterdamBondi NSWBrooklynBrugge IBrugge IICentral Station, LuxembourgChicagoCollingwood ONDelftDistillery DistrictDistillery TorontoFashion DistrictHigh Line, NYHigh Line, NYCKlaten JavaLondonLuxembourgMadurodamManhattan, NYOttawaPragueQuebec CityRome RailwaySnow Valley ONSydney NSWUnion Stn TorontoViennaVolendam, NetherlandsWA Mozart apt Vienna

Draw the blinds

And reveal yourselves

Of the lives and the secrets

That you preciously guard. 

Raise the curtains

To exhibit your fruits

Of crime and corruption

That you heavily stash. 

Open the louvres

And expose your truth

Of love-making and rape

That give rise to abuse. 

Unhinge the panes

To release the stigma

Of indulgence and contempt

That measures success. 

Yet beyond the walls

We are no less disgraced

Of predation and perversion

That pollute our minds.

© Prakoso Sastrowardoyo 2012